Flared pump

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Manufactured in France, the CHABOT VE series propeller pumps provide a robust and innovative solution for applications with a maximum head of 1.75 m. The flared shape of the body allows gravity flow from the level of the base plate. To be installed on a weir platform, the configuration of the VE pumps thus makes it possible to recreate a flow as close as possible to the natural characteristics, saving electricity by the absence of elbows.


  • Lifting and transfer of fresh, salt or brackish water at low height in all areas of activity.
  • Particularly suitable for transferring, feeding and regenerating ponds in aquaculture and fish farming applications:
    • Fish and shellfish farming


VE 200 Up to 200 m³/h From 0.5m up to 1.75m
VE 260 Up to 360 m³/h
VE 350 Up to 720 m³/h