Our markets

Flood – Torrential rain

Our pumps can be used for both short-term and long-term flooding. They allow large quantities of water to be evacuated quickly. The pumps can be powered autonomously via a generator or a photovoltaic power plant. They also exist with specific configurations such as those made on a float. Drawing on its experience and a network of partners to carry out tailor-made studies, the company develops pumps on demand and specific to the needs of its customers (characteristics, flow rate, height, dimensions, energy, etc.).

Our products

Flared pump

The VE series provides a solution for applications with a maximum lifting height of 1.75 m.

Vertical pump

The V series is intended for the lifting and transfer of fresh, salt or brackish water.


Custom-made solutions to meet your needs

Our solutions

More than a pump manufacturer, CHABOT supports you in choosing a solution adapted to your constraints by providing advice and carrying out studies specific to your projects: the sizing of your pumping, the continuous monitoring of your machines, the reduction of energy costs linked to pumping, the implementation of autonomous solutions, the development of floating pumping station, the design of custom-made propeller or any other study specific to your projects.

Energy autonomous solution

Energy self-sufficient solution, for sites where access to electricity is not possible

Floating solution

Floating solution for varying water levels

Custom-made solution

Custom-made solution with complementary products and personalized studies