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In these applications where water is essential for your production, our pumps are mainly used for the transfer of water, within recirculation systems (RAS) or for the oxygenation of basins.


Our pumps are mainly used to artificially evacuate stagnant water mainly in marshes and bring it to crops.


The irrigation market requires large capacity, robust pumps to meet severe requirements such as long periods of drought or rain, inlet levels or fluctuating tides.


Moving large volumes of water, at low heights, with maximum efficiency enables process feeds with large volumes of water.


To protect your installations, used in the event of rising water or flooding, our pumps allow both occasional and long-term use. They allow large quantities of water to be evacuated quickly.

Leisure center

Used in aquatic centers for the displacement of large volumes of water, particularly in the production of waves or surf platforms, propeller pumps offer innovative alternatives.

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Pumps for all solutions

Flared pump

The VE series provides a solution for applications with a maximum lifting height of 1.75 m.

Vertical pump

The V series is intended for lifting and transferring clear fresh, salt or brackish water.


Custom-made solutions to meet your needs

Chabot propeller pumps

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