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(water pumps, water lifting pumps , lift pumps water)

We are manufacturing 3 types of pumps adapted to various water flow

  • vertical axial flow pumps
  • floating pumps
  • wide bore pumps

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Our strength:

We at ”pompes Chabot“ believe that our human resources are our biggest assets, we identify the best talent in respective domain, quality, consistency and commitment are the virtues we believe in. We will advise to our best knowledge on environment, constraints….

We pride ourselves on the quality of water pumps and services that we supply all over, our customer care is second to none and we will work with you from start to finish.

Based on the ouest side of France (in the south Vendée region) , the company exist since 1966 when it worked at creating propeller pumps for farming within the “marais poitevin “area We have moved on since then and are now dealing in aquaculture, fish farming , oyster farming   and more within the public sector.

With our pumps, and as a specialist pumps distributor for over 50 years, “pompes Chabot” has built up expertise in specifying quality and reliable pumps to meet each individual  and divers





Pump VI 700

CHABOT Pump V200 -Fish Farming

Pompe CHABOT- V260-Pisciculture

CHABOT Pump-F350-Ground working Compagny

Pompe-CHABOT-F350- carrière-travaux publics